3 Thrift Shopping Tips for #NationalThriftShoppingDay

My thrift shopping adventures include some of my favorite things - seeking bargains, saving money, sustainable fashion, and the pure thrill of scouting out one of a kind clothing pieces I, my friends, or other people would love! Who doesn’t love a killer deal on clothing while helping our planet recycle? If you are new to the thrifting world or have dabbled with it in the past, you understand the patience it takes to sift through loosely organized clothing in hopes to find authentic, true to you pieces. My favorite pieces to search for are unique vintage windbreakers, they add a touch of authenticity to any outfit and my collection is growing! Currently I’m obsessing over my old school Nike windbreakers and black Mountain Dew windbreaker, all found at Goodwill. I find thrifting to be a very rewarding experience, and I’m going to let you in on 3 key methods to the thrift madness!

Tip #1: Hit or Miss, Be Patient

Thrift shopping is a game consumed of time and patience! Don’t feel obligated to purchase clothing you don’t absolutely love because there was not a good selection of clothing available on the particular day you shopped. I have caught myself in the past buying clothing I thought was “okay” compared to other options in store, and have regretted purchasing after bringing them home. Especially if an item is extremely unique and difficult to find in retail fashion stores, question if you will really wear the item or if it will collect dust in your closet. Before checking out, go through each item again to double check you’re obsessed with all of the pieces you found and toss back the items you’re on the fence about. On the other hand, some thrift days are lucky, and I find 15+ amazing items I am eager to wear or resell. A few items have become a staple to my wardrobe. Keep in mind while you shop, not every thrift day will be a gold mine! Don’t give up, shop again in 2-3 weeks when new clothing has arrived or try a different store location.

Tip #2: Perfect Condition Please

It is a disappointing feeling to score a badass new dress thrifting to find out once you throw it on at home, there’s a small hole in the armpit or a subtle stain on the front. Before you checkout in store, carefully examine every inch of the garment for no rips, stains, holes, or deformation. This includes ensuring the clothing has not been shrunk in the wash, stretched out, or has lost its original shape. Occasionally, I will take out the sewing kit and fix up a garment if it is one worth saving. Overall, ensure the clothing is in great condition before purchasing, especially if you plan to resell the item.

Tip #3: Thrifting is a Sport, Dress Comfortably

Unfortunately, thrift shopping isn’t always as glamorous as window shopping the hottest trends at major retailers while sipping a handcrafted vanilla latte. Depending on the store you are shopping at and how organized the clothing is, you will break a sweat digging through racks and bins of clothing. Be sure to dress comfortably, throw your hair up in a ponytail, and consider bringing your headphones to listen to music. I typically wear an airy windbreaker with a zipper pouch to keep my belongings in, so both of my hands are completely free to sort through clothing. No fussing with a purse, wristlet, or trying to hold your phone the entire time. Comfy pants that are easy to move around in are a must as well. Thrifting is a process, and you’ll want to stay focused in order to scan for the best pieces.

Thrifting is similar to a treasure hunt, the reward of discovering cool pieces can be inspiring and fun! Second hand clothing is a movement more people should consider as a means of clothes and accessory shopping, as sustainable fashion is growing as a whole. It is a great way to practice conscious consumerism as well, and thrifting with a socially conscious friend makes it that much more rewarding!

Share your thrift tips in the comments section below!

Happy Thrifting!