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In Your Element

October 15, 2017


Let’s get personal. Are you able to answer two highly complex questions? Who are you? What kind of environment do you thrive in? Being young is the time for exploration, yet I think it’s easy to get caught up in the crowd and forget who you are. It is in our element where we do our best work and feel the most like ourselves. Diving into your element that streams creativity may help us find some answers and motivation to go after our day dreams.


I believe it is important to find a creative space that can help uncover passions and motivate dreams. It’s that place you feel lights a fire of inspiration for getting those personal goals rolling. I refer to this as “in your element”. It is essential to find this passionate and judgement free zone to achieve dreams and aspirations. Putting skills to work in your element will make life’s journey that much more enjoyable. It’s a baseline for success and happiness, and is often a concept left behind in education systems.


As we speak, you may be thinking of that realm. Maybe your inspo comes from relaxing by the beach, hanging at the local coffee shop, drawing, dancing in the studio, listening to music, playing a sport you’re good at, or whatever makes you feel a sensation of happiness and oneness. Next time you do these things, think about how you can leverage this passion and feeling into your work. How you can take this vibrant energy and transform it into the next step of your dream. If the “thing” that makes you happy IS your dream, this idea will flow more naturally.


Personally, I find my inspo from exploring the mountains, longboarding, snowboarding, traveling, and listening to reggae. Then I carry this high on life back to my desk. From there, it means to throw on a beanie, drink some tea, bleed music from my speakers and pump out work and creative content on my laptop. This is my element where I do my best work.


Once you immerse yourself in this space of creativity, the dream is unstoppable. Pull inspiration directly from that raw source of happiness. Transform it into your life, career, financial, educational, or personal goals. The more time we spend exploring our own identities in the things that make us feel alive, the more productive and successful we will become in our day dreams. Woaahh cliché? Maybe. But rarely talked about.


So, let me ask you. Who are you and what kind of environment do you thrive in?




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