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3 Daily Habits to Reach Success

May 18, 2018

Habit 1

Spend 20 minutes a day getting good at what you do, or want to do.


So you need to learn a new program for work or school to get ahead in your career. Maybe you want to pick up a new hobby, like painting, that you’ve never done before. It could be becoming an Instagram influencer. Maybe you want to become more fit or you’re trying to learn everything there is to know about craft beer. Whatever it is, we probably look up to someone who does what we want to do really well.


Ultimately, the reason why people are “the best”, extremely knowledgeable in certain areas, or really good at something, is because they spend more time doing it than anyone else. My advice: spend at least 20 minutes a day working on your goals. That 20 minutes a day will turn into an hour, 3 hours, and so on overtime. If this goal is important enough to you, you’ll be willing to sacrifice time for it. Willing to commit in advance to work hard on it. So go do what you want or need to do, you’ll succeed regardless as long as you keep choosing to succeed at it.


Habit 2

Have a positive outlook…. I mean bullet proof positivity not just weekend positive vibes.


The reality is, little inconveniences will heavily effect your overall mood and positivity. If you let the weather, Starbucks messing up your coffee order, or someone cutting you off in traffic effect your daily outlook… that will snowball into more important life difficulties bogging you down even more. This is important because we can’t see with clarity if we are in a haze of bad thoughts. It’s a huge distraction from succeeding at something. We need to pick and choose what is worth spending our time loathing over, and it should be very little. When something is not in your favor or going your way, life is redirecting you to a better path. Stick it out. If this isn’t natural for you, explore what other great opportunities this could lead you to or what lessons you may be learning. Apply this to your outlook and you’ll be feeling positive in no time.


A quick example I can provide is getting rejected from a job or opportunity you REALLY wanted. I mean, you did everything in your power to get this position and it didn’t work out in your favor. Guess what? If you keep working hard and focusing on your career goals, an even better opportunity, one you couldn’t even imagine before WILL come. But, if you decide to beat yourself up, give up, or drift away from your goal, it just won’t ever happen. Action cures fear of failing. 


Habit 3

Stop caring about what other people think, especially if it’s not positive. Seeking to be accepted is unproductive as hell.


If you give your absolute best and true version of yourself to every individual you interact with, you don’t need to worry about what others think of you! We’re not perfect, we’re human. But, if we get caught up on “will the girls approve of my outfit?” “will they think I’m too confident?” “what if someone doesn’t like or agree with my opinion?” “what if people will judge me for what I do in my free time?” “is this too much for others to understand?”, you’ll never progress as a person. It is productive to do what you feel is right and will push you to the next level of your success. Whether it’s in your career path, personal fitness goals, financial goals, relationships with others, or something else. What I take away from sticking to what you want to do regardless of what others may perceive you as, is that you actually become an innovator, a leader.


A few extra habits... yay! 


4.) To be successful at something, you must make scarifies daily. Pick and choose what you spend your attention and time on, wisely.  

5.) Self care is so key! Take some time for yourself, you deserve it!

6.) Reflect on everything. Ponder that one for a while…












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