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Ditch the Chapstick, Laneige to the Rescue

March 27, 2019


Alright ladies (and dudes), how many of us have been searching for that perfect chap stick or lip balm that stays on longer than 20 minutes and ACTUALLY moisturizes our lips? I mean after it rubs off, you can tell your lips are satisfied and not begging for yet another temporary cover up from the ol chap stick tube. I’ve collected chap stick from all over, all different brands over the years, and of course the only chap stick I’ve loved was handmade from a boutique shop in Florida that I 100% will never find again.


If you’re like me, you spend most of your time outdoors battling the elements. Cold weather life is no help to already dry lips, yanno? Especially in the winter snowboarding my lips are so chapped, dry, and crying out for help. They lose any moisture and chap stick just does not do the trick. Chap stick is a quick fix until it rubs off on my face mask, the wind dries it out, or it still leaves my lips wrinkly an hour later. I’m all about long term results, rarely short term.


So, the search is OVER. Goodbye flaky, cracked chapped lips. See you never! Let me introduce you to the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. Technically, it is a lip mask you smear on at night and wipe off in the morning for super soft, supple lips. But, I apply it as a nightly lip mask and a lip balm during the day. My lips have never been so plump, soft, and smooth in their life. Not to mention, insanely moisturized!


I have the Berry Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask and the texture is unreal. It also comes in other scents, like vanilla. It’s not sticky, it’s not too thick, and it does not come off for hours. Pure heaven. Even after a long night’s sleep, you will wake up with it still on your lips. I’ll usually add a little more when I wake up with the applicator wand it comes with because it just smells so yummy. Depending on how much you apply, it has a slight glossy look to it. The mask is filled with Vitamin C and antioxidants for long lasting wear and a heavy dose of moisture.


The real test is when I brought the lip mask to Loon Mountain this past weekend. I gave up using chap stick this season while snowboarding because again, it doesn’t work for me. My lips were already amazingly moisturized since I’d been using it so much, but I needed to find out if this lip mask would stay on after a full day of riding. To my surprise, it did. My lips were glowing at the end of the day and were not dry at all! In-sane.


Every gal hitting the slopes needs this. Even if you you’re outdoors a lot or simply are not satisfied with your current chap stick situation, you need this. You’ll never go back. The best part is Sephora sells this mask, so you can visit the store and grab a free small sample and try it first before purchasing it for real.


Pro tip for dudes: you can reap the benefits too! It’s not super glossy if you only apply a little so no, you won’t look all girly. You could even just use it at night and wipe it off in the morning. If carrying around a cute pink lip mask container is not your style, I’d suggest getting a cheap chap stick, emptying out the product, and literally refilling the tube carefully with the lip mask. Carry that around, no one will even know ;) Just don’t lose it! Maybe you’d prefer the vanilla scent over the berry too. And if you’re super lucky, a girl will pick up on your new soft, moisturized lips and ask for your number. But that’s not guaranteed.


Cheers to your new fav lip product, let me know what you think!

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